The night isn’t dark; the world is dark.
Stay with me a little longer.

Your hands on the back of the chair -
that’s what I’ll remember.
Before that, lightly stroking my shoulders.
Like a man training himself to avoid the heart.

In the other room, the maid…


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"Today I saw your face and I lost my breath a little but I didn’t collapse like I would have six months ago."

- I still miss you sometimes but I’m not drowning anymore and maybe they were right when they said it gets better (via extrasad)

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"I am so sorry to all the people I hurt while I was hurting."

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Did anyone notice how Katy perry never actually mentions a guy/man in her song The One That Got Away like for all we know she could be singing about a chicken nugget that she dropped

Why would she get a matching tattoo with a chicken nugget

I’d get a matching tattoo with a chicken nugget. Chicken nuggets is like my family.

is that john green

That’s John Green.

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"I either get what I want or I change my mind."

- Renoirs (via renoirs)


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